My name is Francesca Watson and I am an artist based in Edinburgh. I love to paint and draw but currently I am spending a lot of time doing linocuts.

I began lino printing in my spare time about 5 years ago after spending my birthday money on cutters, lino, ink and a roller. Most of my work is created at home using the back of a wooden spoon and a little bit of elbow grease in lieu of a press.

To me linocuts are like magic. I love the way you can start with a vague idea and see it coming together as you carve. But even more I love the way that you can never fully understand what’s been carved until it’s finally been printed.

I am inspired in some part by beautiful creatures in nature and in some part by fleeting images in my imagination. I am captivated by myths and legends and magical creatures and I’m always longing to explore this more in my art. My work is sometimes realistic and sometimes more stylised, but it is all brought together by common textures and carved shapes and marks that are unique to linocuts and which breathe life into my messy drawings.